End of the world 2012: What Does the Bible Say?

An expert in the decoding regarding Mayan hieroglyphs declared that the stone tablet with a new Mayan inscription indicates of which the Mayan prediction associated with 2012 refers to a fresh era, rather than the end of the world. Sven Gronemeyer of Los angeles Trobe University in Australia provides been studying the Mayan tablet discovered years ago at the archeological site associated with Tortuguero in Mexico’s coast state of Tabasco.
It is significant that this prophecy alludes to “”Messiah the Prince”” and not really “”Messiah the King. “” Based on the concentrate of the this prediction, this will be a reference to when Jews in Israel recognized Christ as Messiah, which took place at His triumphal access into Jerusalem (see Matt 21: 8-11 and Steve 12: 12-13). Since Jesus was not yet enthroned as king, the Jewish public recognition is completely portrayed by Daniel because “”Messiah the Prince. “”.

Gronemeyer, an expert in Mayan culture and languages, revealed of which the 1, 300-year-old-inscription identifies the return of a mysterious Mayan god, Bolon Yokte, at the end of a cycle regarding 5, 125 years which usually falls on December 21, 2012. Bolon Yokte is usually the Mayan god of creation and war in addition to is predicted by this inscription to return inside victory to establish this new era.

(In connection with this treaty, Israel will be given “”permission”” to rebuild the particular Jewish temple. This can be seen with the truth that the breaking in the treaty will stop “”sacrifices and offering, “” which usually can be offered by simply the Jews whenever they possess a temple. Whenever will this seven-year period of time be initiated? The prophecy of Daniel 9 informs us; It will begin along with a seven-year treaty together with Israel (verse 27). ).

Since God determined to be able to use the 490-year time to prepare Israel for your kingdom, He halted their progress-just before its overall fulfillment-because the Jews were not ready for it. Thus, at the best, God will employ the final seven years of this prophecy of Daniel to prepare Israel to go to Him; and, as the apostle Paul announced, at that point “”all Israel will be saved”” (Romans 11: 26).. However, since the apostle Peter declared (in Acts 3: 19-21), when Israel turns to the Lord, Jesus will certainly return to establish the kingdom.

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Thus, while “”2012″” proponents still believe January of 2012 could provide a global apocalypse regarding some sort, we can breathe a sigh regarding relief in learning that the particular Mayan calendar and inscriptions are not predicting the end of the world inside 2012. Interestingly, Bible prophecy agrees with that assessment. The Bible shows that the entire world cannot end within 2012; in fact , it are not able to end for another 1, 007 years, a minimum of. How carry out we know that? The particular books of Daniel in addition to Revelation provide that revelation.