How to Change Your DISH Community Remote Address

7) Press the SELECT button to leave the Important System Details Screen and return to survive TV.

* Note: If the particular Remote address does not change on the Crucial System Information screen, click RECORD button again.

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*Note: In case the receiver is a Duo unit you must verify the difference between TV #1 and TV #2. TV#1 has a Green Case and TV#2 has a Blue Tab.. These can be identified by the tab at the end of the remote manage.

If you have multiple units, changing one address without precautions may change all of your receivers at the same time.. *Note: It is advised that you simply unplug other device units to block the particular remote signal from distributing to other units although changing the address.

If the address an individual entered is valid with regard to the remote control, typically the SAT mode button may flash three times.. 4) Press the POUND button.

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Below are procedure for restore or change the remote address on typically the remote controller.. *Note: Do Not Replace the deal with of the remote handle unless you’re absolutely specific this is your problem in addition to you’re attempting this since a last resort to be able to restore functionality before getting a technician visit your own home or business. The particular remote control cannot function the receiver if typically the two devices have different addresses.
6) To check and observe if the address designed to the remote, press and hold the SAT mode button down with regard to three seconds. Then click the POUND button 2 times. The SAT mode key will flash the same amount of times as the address.

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