Obama’s Sesame Street Bus Tour

Nevertheless I’m going to phone President Obama’s bizarre three-day car ride around the top Midwest his Sesame Streets tour.. You could call this the Trailways tour, or the non-campaign tour, or perhaps the I-hope-I-run-into-Sarah-Palin-at-a-truck-stop tour.

“”. Sesame Street, as in “”brought to you simply by the number 270 plus the letters G, O plus P.

This individual also guaranteed himself plenty of exposure in nearby Wisconsin, that has been busy about Tuesday using the last regarding its recall elections coming from this year’s legal fight over public employee unions.. Motoring his way via Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois gave Obama a opportunity to show some adore for the region. Today the motivation for the bus trip becomes very clear.
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Without Florida or Ohio in his column, Obama’s only hope is in order to run the table by winning almost every state in which he conceivably provides a chance. That would be Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. He also cannot afford to lose any of his base states, particularly Minnesota and Illinois.

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Exactly why didn’t Obama ride their bus there? Probably timing. A visit on Monday or Tuesday would have seemed like blatant interference within the recall elections and may possibly have sent Republicans streaming for the polls. The most dependable course was to keep out but stay close, that is certainly what the president did.. A check out on Wednesday would possess risked embarrassment if a single or both of typically the Democratic senators who had been challenged recently had already been knocked off.

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By confining himself towards the top Midwest, he underscored just how important the region has become to his obama administration. Sesame Street has constantly been one of typically the most instructive shows upon television, and the Sesame Street Bus Tour had been equally informative. By staying away from Florida, Obama taught us a lot about the particular reception he thinks he will get down there. Not really one tricked-out by the Secret Support.. Presidents usually take quicker transportation options, and no person relishes the thought regarding three days on a bus.